Safety Data Sheets

The lubricants available in our store are specialised chemicals, and it's important to familiarise yourself with safety precautions before you start working with them. Links to the safety and data sheets for all of our available products are available below.

Loob 103 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 104 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 105 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 106 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 107 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 203g2 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 204g2 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 205g0 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 205g2 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 206g0 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 206g00 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 206g2 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 207g2 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob BDZ [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob 1506 [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
TriboSys 320x [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Loob Fluoro Solvent ("de-loober") [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Stannol KS100 [Norsk] [English]
Super Lube Dielectric Grease [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Super Lube Synthetic Oil [Norsk] [English] [Svenska]
Glorious G-Lube [English]

Take particular care not to apply excessive heat to fluorinated lubricants, as per the safety data sheets. Care should be taken when soldering or applying heat-shrink close to lubricated areas.